The Lighthouse

Message from Fr. Bob Remark

A humble ‘thank you’ to all of the members of the Saint Patrick and Holy Family Parishes of the newly formed Lucan Northwest London Catholic Family of Parishes.

The Lord Jesus, through the action of Bishop Fabbro, has brought us together as a single family to serve him and one another. We are better together than what we are on our own.

With the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit, we will reach out to the unchurched, to laxed Catholics, and to those who have not yet encountered the risen Lord, Jesus Christ.

Our geographical boundaries include the territory from the Thames River in the south, to Exeter in the north; from the fork of the Thames downtown London, to Kilworth in the west. In this territory over 75,000 individuals make their home. Our field for evangelization is as big as our vision to reach each person residing within.

Does Jesus desire a personal encounter every person living within our boundaries: a resounding YES!

How will he accomplish this: through the prayers and witness of each one of us! Ours is a broad Vision of what could be, of what is in the heart of God, and what should be our motivation in drawing people to Christ. 

How the elements of the new logo align with our Vision:

  • Jesus is our Light, our Lighthouse.  
  • Symbols of Jesus as the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and End of all, sit on top of the Lighthouse.  
  • The cosmic Christ shines throughout the universe to every land and to every person. 
  • The base of the Lighthouse is open. Everyone is invited to enter on the path of encounter and formation as disciples.  
  • The stripes on the Lighthouse refer to the formation path of disciples, up toward Christ. The path equips the saints for ministry.  
  • The gold band reminds us of our ‘Communion in Christ’ embracing Saint Patrick & Holy Family Parishes.  It also speaks to us of the gift of the Eucharist.  
  • Turbulent seas surround the base of the Lighthouse, never to be overcome by them. Jesus is the light of the world; reaching out first, to those who have not yet encountered Jesus Christ; second, to those whose Christian faith has grown cold or who are lost, and finally, to those who struggle to live faith wholeheartedly so here we are with this core values. 

Our New Family Prayer

Heavenly Father, we praise and thank you for bringing us together as a Family of Parishes,  called to be a light for the world. 

We thank you for giving us a vision to become an invitational community of disciple-making disciples, who have Jesus at the center of everything we believe, say, and do.  

May we rely on the Holy Spirit to inspire us to love the Scriptures,  to share our faith stories, to foster right relationships, and to be warm-hearted. 

We entrust our Family of Parishes to the care of Our Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph,  the Holy Family, and Saint Patrick, as we work together to bear witness to our core values.  and to become the people you desire us to become. 

We ask this in the name of Jesus, your Son, who lives and reigns with you,  in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, forever and ever.