Digital Media Ministry Livestreaming

Here at Lucan Northwest London Catholic Family of Parishes we view digital ministry as another way that we can provide access to the grace of God, as experienced through digital forms of community. Our goal is to provide a link or a bridge between our online and in-person experience to know that the grace of God abounds, that the Spirit is truly present wherever we are located, each and every moment of the day.

We are always looking for people to come and share their gifts with us! Have a look below at our list of opportunities and reach out and connect if you think you may be interested.

  • Are you a blogger, photographer, videographer, graphic designer or just a social media savvy person? Do you have A/V & computer skills? Do you know your way around a PC, microphone, OBS, green screen or Pro presenter, video recording or editing? Ever heard of Canva?

    Your gifts can be shared in support of our parishes in our presence online covering various events and editing videos to be placed on the website and social media channels. 

    Some of the things this team is responsible for include:
    • Live streaming & slide shows
    • Website updates
    • Photography & videography
    • Video creation
    • Graphic design
    • Email marketing campaigns
    • Social media
    • Copy editing
    • Community promotion
      You only need to take on what you are comfortable with! 🙂

      Contact Bridget Corneil at or call 519-472-0057 x 260