St. Vincent de Paul Youth

Our Mission

To Live the Gospel message by serving Christ in the poor with love, respect, justice and joy.

Our meetings are open to all interested adults and are the first Saturday of each month at 9AM.

Upcoming Events

Our SSVP Youth Conference was founded in September 2008 by Lillian Mulder.

We started our ministry to serve the poor in our community, through a diverse collection of sites. Ronald McDonald House, L’ Arche Community Living, Boys and Girls Club of London, and Mc Garrell Long Term Care facility.

Presently, our group is moving toward a different form of service, where we will provide more “Street Ministry”. We will refocus on helping those who “live on the street” or are “marginalized by the community”.

The main events connect with working with our brothers and sisters face to face, supporting them and making their lives a bit better, by offering them supplies that will give them a feeling of comfort, love and to just make life coping on the streets easier. We are trying to come up with short-term interim housing, such as providing them with a Tent Kit. This will give them some kind of temporary shelter from the outdoor elements; coverage over their heads and some space they can call their own. This is part of our future planning.

We are also dedicated to Social Justice and Environmental Issues. In the past our youth team has put out a petition for clean waters for our Indigenous neighbours, which is every human’s right. Now we are working on doing as much as we can to sustain our bee population, by creating gardens and other opportunities to feed them.

Currently we are working with multiple like-minded groups that support our ministry by doing collections of supplies: hygiene products, hardware, food and snacks, blankets and tarps, winter gear, coats, clothing for all seasons, the list goes on depending on the time of year.

We respond to our friends’ needs, if asked for certain items, we try to provide for them at the next Giveaway. Our team also works at St. Joe’s Café and the SSVP Thrift Store on P.A. Days, during the school year. This is the only daytime event we do on a weekday. We make up to 600 bagged lunches a year, for our friends in need.

The Saint Louise de Marillac Youth Conference consists of a 10-member Executive Team and our active youth members number around 35, plus 1 spiritual adviser. Our Youth team is always looking for new young people and contributing partners. We appreciate your continuous supporting prayers and generous donations to our ministry. Thank you and God bless.