Novena to the Holy Spirit

Novena to the Holy Spirit

On Friday May 19, 2023, we will begin praying the 9 day Novena to the Holy Spirit as a family of Parishes community.

How to pray the Novena to the Holy Spirit

  • Choose the intention of your Novena (What you want to pray for)
  • Start with Opening Prayer
  • Prayer for the Day
  • End with Holy Spirit Prayer

Opening Prayer

O Holy Spirit, Divine Consoler!

I adore you as my true God.

I bless you by uniting myself to the praises

You receive from the angels and saints.

I offer you my whole heart,

and I render you heartfelt thanks

for all the benefits you have bestowed and so unceasingly bestow upon the world.

You are the author of all supernatural gifts and who did enrich with immense favours the soul

of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God,

I beseech you to visit me by your grace and your love.

O Holy Spirit, Spirit of Truth, come into my heart:

shed the brightness of Your light on all nations,

that they may be of one faith and pleasing to you.


Holy Spirit Prayer

Come, Holy Spirit,

Fill the hearts of your faithful,

Kindle in them the fire of your love.

Send forth your Spirit,

and they shall be created,

and you shall renew the face of the earth.



O Holy Spirit, bestow upon me your seven holy gifts. Enlighten my understanding that I may know you.

Give me wisdom that your will may be clear to me and that I may accept it

Grant me the gift of counsel that I may always perceive what is right. Fortify me that I may always be capable of fulfilling your divine will.

Inspire me with the spirit of learning that I may be able to penetrate more deeply into the truths that you have revealed.

Let my heart be steeped in the spirit of childlikeness that I may bring you joy.

Let me have proper fear of God that I may never grieve you or wander from the path of goodness.

Give me the fullness of your gifts that I may glorify you.

Look with compassion upon me, O Holy Spirit, and grant me the favour I seek in this novena…

(Pause, in silence….state your request)


O Holy Spirit, make me faithful in every thought, and grant that I may always listen to your voice,

and watch for your light, and follow your gracious inspirations.

I cling to you, and give myself to you, and ask you by your compassion

to watch over me in my weakness.

Holding the pierced feet of Jesus, looking at his five wounds, trusting in his Precious Blood,

adoring his opened side and stricken heart,

I implore you adorable Spirit, helper of my infirmity, to keep me in your grace, now and always,

and grant me the favour I ask in this novena…

(Pause, in silence….state your request)


Heavenly Father,

You have called me to be a member of the mystical body of Your Son, Jesus Christ,

and to be a temple of the Holy Spirit. I ask you to give me these gifts of the Holy Spirit:

Wisdom, that I may understand the follies of this world; Understanding, that I may grasp more fully the meaning of my existence and the purpose of all things in the world;

Counsel, that I may always choose the proper way;

Fortitude, that I may remain faithful to you under the pressure of temptation;

Piety, that I may revere you in all I do, think or say;

Fear of the Lord, that should the motive of love fail me,

I may quickly be awakened to the eternal consequences of my deeds.

Visit me by your grace and your love and grant me the favour that I so earnestly seek in this novena…

(Pause, in silence….state your request)


O God, who today by the light of the Holy Spirit did instruct the hearts of the faithful, give me, by the light of the same Holy Spirit, a love for what is right and just and a constant enjoyment of his comfort.

I pray, Holy Spirit, that I may strive to learn more of my faith; That I may ever be conscious that reason in all its human magnificence is capable of grasping but a glimpse of the reality that is God.

I pray that I may accept as the motto of my life: “All for the greater glory of God”and grant me the favour I so earnestly seek in this novena…

(Pause, in silence… state your request)


Come, O Spirit of sanctity from the glory of heaven, and send forth the radiance of your light.

Father of all the poor, light and peace of all hearts, come with your countless gifts.

Consoler in desolation, refreshment full of loveliness, come dear friend of my soul.

In weariness send repose, breathe gently cool refreshing breeze, console the desolate who weep alone.

Light of Beatitude, make my heart ready, come enter my soul. Without your grace,

I stand alone;

I cannot be good or sure. Cleanse what is soiled, heal what is wounded, moisten what is arid.

Bend the stubborn will, warm the cold heart, guide the wandering footstep.

O Holy Spirit, I beg you to give me grace through your sevenfold power

and grant me the favour I so earnestly seek in this novena…

(Pause, in silence… state your request)


O Father in Heaven, I beg you to send the Holy Spirit.

May your Holy Spirit remind me when I am apt to forget your law, your love, your promises.

May your Holy Spirit strengthen my memory to recall frequently your sanctity, omniscience,

wisdom, and goodness, faithfulness, and love.

May your Holy Spirit encourage me when I am slothful, strengthen me when I am weak,

enlighten me when I can no longer help myself.

Breathe into me, O Holy Spirit, that I may do what is holy.

Stir me that I may love what is holy.

Strengthen me, that I may preserve what is holy.

Protect me, Holy Spirit, that I may never lose what is holy and grant me the favour I so earnestly seek in this novena…

(Pause, in silence… state your request)


Come, Holy Spirit, creator of all things, come visit my heart with my power.

Fill with grace, friendly guest, the heart which you have created.

You are called the Consoler, gift from the hand of God, source of life, light, love, and flame, highest good.

You are the pledge of sevenfold grace, finger of the Father’s hand, promised me by him, and you make my tongue speak the truth.

Cast light on my senses, pour love into my heart.

Grant my weak body strength that it may never grow weary of doing good and grant me the favour I so earnestly seek in this novena…

Keep the enemy far from me. Give me peace always.

Let me willingly follow in your footsteps that I may be far removed from sin.

Grant that through you, I may grow in knowledge of the Father and of the Son, and that I may ever strongly believe in you, the Spirit of both.

Praise and honour be forever to the Father on the highest throne, in the risen Son of God, and in the Consoler.

Pause, in silence… state your request)


O Holy Spirit, life and light of the Church, give me thoughts higher than my own thoughts, and prayers better than my own prayers, and powers beyond my own powers, that I may love and live, imitating Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour.

Come to me, Holy Spirit, come with the Father and the Son,

and grant me the favor I so earnestly request in this novena…

Promise to dwell within my soul and quickly make my heart your own.

Quench in me the fires of hate and strife, the wasting fever of the heart.

From perils guard my feeble life and to my soul your peace impart.

Let voice and mind and heart and strength confess and glorify your name,

and let the fire of charity burn bright, and on the hearts inflame.

Pause, in silence… state your request)


O Lord, Holy Spirit, grant me sight to see the wondrous promise of divine love,

insight to see my own weakness, delight in your divine presence in my soul,

which you have made your temple through sanctifying grace.

I pray, O Holy Spirit, that I may not be doubting, that I be spared the pain of being alone

without trust or hope in Christ, that my prayer may always be “My Lord and my God!”

I pray that I may acquire a sense of retreat to prayer and recollection at various times in my daily life, for prayer is the bond that joins me to Christ.

I pray that I may be aware of the physical needs of the poor and that I may share what I can with them in the charitable works for the Church.

I pray, O Holy Spirit, that you will in your mercy grant me the favour I have sought in this novena…

(Pause, in silence… state your request)

Novena to the Holy Spirit

In preparation of Pentecost ( Sunday, May 20, 2018),  we will be praying a 9 day Novena to the Holy Spirit beginning Friday, May 11th through to May 19th.

Please find the Novena here… Novena to the Holy Spirit