Booking and Event Form Request

We are excited to announce the launch of our new online form for booking space at Saint Patrick or Holy Family and for your ministry activities and events. As we continue to grow and flourish as a families of parishes community, we understand the importance of providing dedicated spaces for each ministry to thrive and serve our community as well as providing promotion for these events or activities. Whether you’re planning a weekly study group, a rehearsal for the choir, a community outreach event, or any other ministry-related activity, our new online booking and promotion system aims to streamline the process and allow for easier coordination.

Why Use Our Online Booking System?

Convenience: Our online form is accessible 24/7, allowing you to submit your space reservation requests at your convenience.

Efficiency: Once submitted, your request will be reviewed promptly, and you’ll receive a confirmation email once your booking is approved. No more waiting around!

Important Notes:

  • Please submit your space reservation request at least 14 days in advance to allow ample time for review and scheduling.

Thank you for your dedication to our family of parishes community and for being an integral part of our diverse and vibrant community. Together, we can continue to create meaningful connections and inspire spiritual growth.

Facility and Marketing Request Form
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Publicity for this Ministry/Event

Is Marketing/Promotion required for this event?
Please note that 3-4 weeks is required for sufficient timeline for approval and promotion.
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I understand that all facility/marketing needs are subject to approval. I understand it is my responsibility to report any changes as soon as possible, and I understand all changes are subject to approval.